I woke up like this!(in my Beyonce vc.)

Ok, so tomorrow is August 1st, and on the 22nd i’ll be 35. This morning i woke up just thinking about my life, unsatisfied with some things, realizing some aspects of my life should and could be better… Am I the only person who has woke up like this before? So, i decided this month would start my journey of the new me. i wrote down things i was determined to change about myself, lifestyle etc. i wrote down areas i wanted to grow in. and i dont know for some reason i’m feeling good about this change. i doubt this is one of those mid life crisis things lol, but as a woman, mother and entrepreneur i just feel like i’m not pushing myself to my fullest potential and perhaps bc as a mom of 5, i sometimes get a little sidetracked from my goals and agenda focusing on my children. To the points where it sometimes even feel as if i’m not living life enough… you know the saying y.o.l.o… well as i evaluated the last few years i feel like i havent been actually living life i’ve been simply just living… breathing that is… And it’s time i do more! have you ever felt any sort of close to how i’m feeling?? if so, tell me about it…


Mijini Chic

Ok, who is Mijini Chic? Well… that’s me! I got the name Mijini from the Swahili translation that means Urban. Which basically describes who I am… Simply a biracial chic who’s from B’More(Baltimore, MD)!!! Although I was raised in several different states due to being a Navy Brat… My learnings and growth mainly came from B’more & South East Washington D.C.
Okay so back to who i am… I’m a Mother of 5, yes 5… 4 boys & 1 princess. I’m an Author, Publisher, Online Boutique owner, Mentor, Ambassador, all while working on a few more hustles to add to my Resume’…Now tell me a little bit about you!


Welcome to mi’ blog… A place that i’m going to fill with content about… well, you know things within my life, topics regarding #fashion, #lifestyles, #children, #food, #travel and relatable topics. Feel free to let me know your thoughts…